Ms. Renée was born on 18 December, 1986 in Ipswich, England to Stephen and Deborah.  Soon after, they moved to Cleveland, Ohio where she began her first attempts at writing lyrics and short stories.  A few years after moving to Jacksonville, Florida she began to write more frequently, and found it to be a wonderful release that was as easy as dancing.  After junior high, Ms. Renée excelled in her poetry impressing many teachers along the way.  One teacher in particular urged her to continue her writing, and with that small boost, Ms. Renée decided to put together a collection of her poetry.

 Embarrassed of her hobby, she kept it a secret from friends and rarely showed family her works.  With much encouragement from strangers and a spurt of confidence, she decided to write to a few publishers.  One day soon, her parents were both proud and in shock when she excitedly showed them her first proof from the publishers.  The collection of poetry she had put together is now known as "Shadows of a Heart", her first publication in October of 2003 at the young age of sixteen.

"Shadows of a Heart" has caught the eye of many poets worldwide.  In August of 2007, the charity RAINN honored the book by sponsoring it on their website.  Ms. Renée agreed that any proceeds from her autographed copies will go directly to the RAINN foundation. (Purchase your copy from the RAINN website here).

Ms. Renée has kept a steady standard of writing at least once a day.  Her second book of poetry is due out autumn of 2008.  She's very excited to be writing and publishing again, and hopes to one day publish a novel.

Other than writing, Ms. Renée has accomplished a few other successes as well in the performing arts.  She formerly was a ballerina, and won national awards for her dancing.  Dance continues to remain a passion for her.

Currently Ms. Renée is living in the beautiful Black Hills of  South Dakota with her husband, whom she recently married.  They live with their rescued cat, Emma and her Yorkshire terrier, Audrey.  Her husband currently is in service with the United States Air Force.